One is in sympathy with Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio who has together with other relevant Sierra Leone People’s Party stakeholders worked relentlessly to bring back peace and unity to a fragmented political organization.

Though the SLPP National Chairman and Leader of the SLPP, Chief Somano Kapen has denied newspaper reports that the peace process in the Party has stalled, it is evident that the meeting of malcontent SLPP members in Port Loko on Sunday speaks otherwise.

What is true is Chief Kapen noting that, it would be a tragedy of unimaginable consequences if the Party fails to unite ahead of the March 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. He rightly points out that there is no way SLPP can win the 2018 elections if it does not unite as a Party.

Like Maada Bio, he believes that it is the entire party that has the responsibility to make the peace process work. This now hinges on whether the party will bend backwards and decide to appease the Concerned SLPP Progressives by redoing the disputed 39 constituency lower level elections.

It can be recalled that Brig. Rtd. Julius Maada Bio spoke out on the peace process following an appeal filed by the Plaintiffs in a matter between Victor Sheriff, Alusine Bangura and Alex Kargbo versus SLPP relative to the results from 39 disputed constituencies.

In a press statement, the SLPP 2012 Presidential candidate dilated on the peace process, the court case and the constitutionality as he further expressed his firm commitment to sustainable peace in the party. He commented as such on the 39 constituencies’ controversy:

The core arguments before the Special Committee crystallized around two (2) irreconcilable views “(i) ignore the ruling and cancel (not redo) all 39 disputed lower level elections and (ii) respect the rule of law and avoid opening a Pandora’s Box of unintended consequences”.

Making his position clear on the stalemate in the peace process, Brig. Bio said that as a key stakeholder, he will continue to appeal to fellow intending aspirants and the general membership to exercise utmost restraint.

He also reaffirmed his commitment to the peace process, the rule of law and constitutionality and urged the peace mediators to continue their efforts towards achieving sustainable peace within the SLPP.

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