Will it be Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh for many years of loyal service to the Party? Or will it be the legal luminary, Joseph Kamara; business tycoon John Sisay; resigned Bank Governor Kelfala Marah; sacked Works Minister Alimamy Petito Koroma; current Mineral Resources Minister Minkailu Mansaray; former Adviser to President Alpha Khan or Dr Joe Say? Who will be the next APC Presidential Candidate?

It is not known whether the APC constitution provides that the Vice President should succeed the president as flag bearer. If so, then all the other intending flag bearer aspirants are wasting their time and resources. VP Foh has served the party diligently as Secretary-General and as Ambassador to China. However, diehard tribalists within the party are with the view that being a Mende hailing from the South, the APC will not give the highest position in the party to a Mende man.

JFK is most favored by a cross section of young Sierra Leoneans. He is charismatic and highly educated and outspoken and has a widespread national support base including very vibrant youthful fan clubs. In terms of work experience and commitment, he is qualified to become President of this country based on the marvelous job done at the ACC fighting big time criminals and currently in reforming the country’s justice system. During his tenure as Justice Minister, he has injected life into the Legal Aid Board and ensured the recruitment of more Magistrates and Judges to enhance speedy justice delivery.

John Bono Sisay if it is for money will be the front runner. But he is said to be so westernized that he finds it difficult to even speak Krio properly. He has a very close relationship with President Koroma, which may militate against him in actual fact. John Sesay has never been in the political limelight, so his political popularity is questionable.

Dr Kelfala Marah is a highly trained and qualified economist and money manager. But how popular is he with the grassroots countrywide? He came from a top ranking Commonwealth Secretariat jobs and became Chief of Staff, Finance Minister and then Bank Governor. He gained popularity when he was Chief of Staff.

But when he became Finance Minister, his popularity began to dwindle when the national economy started to take a downward trend and was replaced. Alimamy Petito Koroma worked for a long time as secretary of the Council of Churches (CCSL) before entering into full time politics. He served as Trade Minister, and then Works Minister. He was fired along with the then Director-General SLRA, Munda Rogers. Was it for inefficiency or corruption? We do not know. Is he a Presidential material?

Alpha Khan is an orator who thrills his admirers with his brilliant speeches. In the party, he is highly respected as an intellectual. But critics say that is not enough to lead the party to victory. An intending flag-bearer aspirant must have integrity, a political base and a large following. Does Khan have such qualities? Was he not the Alpha Khan who was involved in the Hajj pilgrimage scam? If he is, then he does not have the requisite integrity to become president of this nation.

Minkailu Mansaray is the Deputy Chairman of APC and Minister of Mineral Resources. He is popular only within the party. Many people in the South-East cannot identify with him as a national politician of the ilk of His Excellency President Koroma who easily cuts across all regions and tribes of the country. Many doubt his political ability to lead APC to victory as he does not seem to have an impressive political career.

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