There is a proverb which says only God and fools do not change. God does not change because He is all-perfect. Fools however do not change because they refuse to contend with changing realities.

Given that since 1967, the SLPP has always suffered election defeat at the hands of the All Peoples Congress because of dissension among its members and its key members defecting to go independent, join the APC or form a new party, many people state that it is high time SLPP learns the lesson that a house divided among itself cannot stand any outside assault.

In this regard, many people have said the APC is more mature. APC is disciplined, focused and more tolerant of personality and ideological differences among them than the SLPP is.

Let us face it: in life and in politics in particular, there are no absolutes. We get along by agreeing to disagree with each other without being disagreeable. We get along by being reasonable and humble enough to know when we are wrong, to accept it, and to say, I am sorry.

According to one of its presidential candidates, ‘We must recognize the guiding role of the party and work to achieve the dreams of a nation in distress…’

Sadly, since 2005, the SLPP has displayed many times that it is a party full of dogmatic people who do not have the generosity to bend backward for each other in order to be able to achieve the party’s goals and objectives.

It was division among the SLPP that led to its defeat by the APC in the 1967 general elections. It was division among its members that led it into political oblivion between 1968 and 1991 when the army overthrew the APC. It was division that led to SLPP’s defeat by the APC in the 2007 elections; same way as it did in 2012. When will the SLPP ever learn?
A divided SLPP which has lost focus is not only a disadvantage to the party but also to the entire nation which deserves to always have in waiting a party capable of taking over from the ruling party if the nation thinks the ruling party has lost focus of its mission.

Today the ruling party is having a field day because it fully well knows that a divided opposition cannot stand up to it because it has not got the moral high ground to stand on to tell the majority of the people that they can offer the state and its people better governance.

Let the SLPP not fool itself. Their political rival, the APC, is a very formidable political force that has made huge inroads into their South-East strongholds whilst they have not in any significant way been able to gain a widespread footprint in the North-West. How do they think they can regain State House from APC without uniting?


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