NEC BossThe embattled Chief Electoral Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission, Mohamed N’fah Alie Conteh,  must be having sleepless nights as the spotlight focuses on him and his commission, after the ugly revelations made during the voter register verification exercise.

The assault, as reported is coming from all sides, including State House, the ruling All Peoples Congress, the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party and the new National Grand Coalition, calling on him and the commission to make good on the claim, that the names and data of 300, 000 voters cannot be accounted for.

Resultantly, the calls for his resignation or sacking are strident from many stakeholders who fear that, the anomaly will have a disastrous effect on the conduct of free, fair, transparent and credible elections on March 7th, 2018.

However, NEC amidst the noise has tried to quietly and inaudibly, to the bafflement of political party representatives, civil activists and both local and International journalists explain that, they are only human and that even the most sophisticated machines are not infallible.

As the clamor continues, some APC supporters have accused the NEC boss of being pro-SLPP, sting that, he spent his lifetime in Kenema, and that, his wife is an SLPP activist from the same district. Many others have called the accusation preposterous, stating that, the NEC boss has worked honorably under previous administrations without any complainant.

To correct the anomalies, NEC, in an unconventional  press conference on September 6th said, “If there are voters whose data are not fully captured, NEC will come back to these areas to recapture the missing data and this will be published in affected areas.”

The NEC press release assured the nation that it is “committed to ensuring a complete voters register for the March 7th 2016 elections and will use all the information collected through registration forms and other registrations records, such as the registration journal, to ensure that all eligible voters who participated in registration will be able vote.”

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