With the veteran journalist, David Tam Baryoh of Monologue fame now officially joined the President Ernest Bai Koroma led ruling APC government, which he had publicly lambasted for so long for alleged misrule, misappropriation of state funds and bad governance, reminds me of his popular quotation during his monologue program, “Mortal man nor guarantee”.  

The news hit the nation with shock that the veteran journalist, Tam Baryoh of ‘Monologue’ fame, having assured his Kono brothers and sisters of his rigid support for the sacked Vice President, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana, who was also expelled from the APC party, had finally put off his political neutrality disguise and officially joined the ruling All Peoples Congress as a publicist.

The nation found it hard to believe the news, only when it came from the horse’s mouth. Is it the same Tam Baryoh who has for long been a critic of the APC government, that has joined the party he  lambasted for so long for alleged misrule, inefficiency and misappropriation of state funds? many asked.
“Tam Baryoh has betrayed Sam Sumana”, many Kono brothers and sisters said who remember how vocal and insistent Tam Baryoh was in defence of Sam Sumana when the APC sacked him from the party and President Koroma fired him as his Vice President. This is the biggest surprise of my life, one Kono brother said about Tam Baryoh joining the APC.

To many Sierra Leoneans yearning for truth, justice and good state governance, Tam Baryoh was seen as a highly respected professional journalist who sacrificed a lot to stay independent of the establishment. His voice has heard by millions of Sierra Leoneans as a beacon of sanity and hope of a better Sierra Leone to come.

In villages and towns, poor people sacrificed their last Leone to buy batteries to be able to listen to his weekly Saturday monologue emission.
North, East, West and South, he was highly acclaimed by the public and detested by the government for the position he took in defence of Sam Sumana when he was, according to many, unfairly treated by the APC and President Koroma after all what he did to help bring the party to power in 2007. For these same admirers to now hear that, their icon has joined the APC comes to them as a big disappointment.

Many had said before Tam Baryoh’s declaration for the APC that if Sam Sumana formed a political party, he would have been one of Sumana’s staunch followers in promoting his ideas even at the risk of him been jailed by the government for seditious libel.

So many people now lament that in his search for what they call quick rich pickings, maybe be made a minister in the next APC government if the party wins the 2018 elections, Tam Baryoh has put his credibility in question.
However, some say Tam Baryoh decided to ditch Sam Sumana because of the latter’s failure to fulfill promises made to him. Like Robin Faley, who deserted the

SLPP to join the APC for political pickings, Tam Baryoh is said to have joined mainstream APC politics for the same reason.
Because of this, the public is not impressed; saying that after all, if Tam Baryoh knew that APC was not on the right track, why did he waste his breathe with unnecessary criticism?

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