Succinct report emanating from the corridors of the All People Congress party headquarters has intimated The Satellite press that, the closed door flag bearer meeting convened by the party’s National Advisory Council (NAC) last week to put an end to the flag bearer ruckus ended in deadlock.


ernestkoromaThis all important meeting was summoned by the party’s highest body (NAC) for all intending flag bearer aspirants to look among themselves and come up with one person who they think is the worthiest to lead the party into the March 7th 2018 national elections.

The report states that, though the meeting was well attended, it ended in deadlock as these desperate aspirants were still unable to select a candidate among themselves and present him to the party, as requested by NAC, since none of them is prepared to step down for the other.

In spite of the long drawn out stalemate in the flag bearer race that is gradually destroying the fabrics of the party, ahead of the national elections, NAC has resolved to hand down a final chance to all flag bearer aspirants to present a candidate, failing which, the party will be left with no option but to come up with a candidate from the blues.

It was also understood by this press that, the Chairman and Leader of the party, President Ernest Bai Koroma including the entire membership of NAC is utterly disgusted with the uncompromising stance of these aspirants to settle down with a candidate from within, despite the numerous dinners and extraordinary meetings held.

A senior member of the party who prefers anonymity intimated this medium that, if these aspirants fail to come up with a candidate against Wednesday being the deadline set out by the party, there will certainly be a repeat of the bolt from the blue in the Vice President saga, after the Kono people failed to choose from among themselves somebody to assume that position.

On the other hand, it was alleged by a cross section of party members and supporters that, the request for aspirants to nominate a candidate among themselves is a ploy to skillfully disqualify all of them and come up with someone from the blues with an unsoiled and unblemished character.

Meanwhile, some political pundits have said going by President Koroma’s final Independence address to the nation that “a complete new set of team will deliver similar address in 2018” clearly shows that, he would be retiring with all those that have served in his government.  

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