NEC Boss

As voter registration exercise countrywide draws to an end, an unswerving report reaching the Satellite press has gravely implicated National Electoral Commission (NEC) official in a dubious voter registration deal at Hill Station in Freetown.

A private citizen who prefers anonymity, also claimed to have unearthed similar alleged irregularity in one of the  registration center at Hill Station, as he claimed to have intercepted NEC officials clandestinely and unofficially registering voters at night to the bemusement of inhabitants in that vicinity.

In respect to the above allegations, an independent elections monitor, Bernard Conteh, also claimed to have caught a party official red- handed, actively participating in registration process at a center in Congo Town in Freetown.

He also reported alleged cases of irregularities taking place in the ongoing voter registration in some centers which include but not limited to registration of under-aged voters in some areas, which he said their Independent Election Monitoring team is investigating.

Meanwhile, record numbers of eligible voters continue to throng registration centers in the Western Area ahead of the Sunday 16th April registration deadline.

This has caused many people to question whether the National Electoral Commission will be able to meet its target of registering 3.5M people before the exercise closes, and whether, if the target is not met, the registration period will be extended in order not to disenfranchise anybody wanting to vote in the March 7th 2018 general elections.

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