The Appeals Court yesterday May 2nd 2017 adjourned the case between three senior Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) members versus the current party executive to May 9th.

In a very tense court room, Justices Alusine Sesay, Reginald Fynn and Alan Halloway called for the case to be adjourned based on the voluminous affidavits presented to the bench by counsels for the plaintiffs and the defense.  

The court asked the two lawyers to summarize their documents to give the judges time to peruse them properly. This will enable them to at the adjourned date to look into the substantive matter before the court for adjudication.

Lawyer for the plaintiffs had earlier successfully secured an interim interlocutory injunction preventing the party from conducting any further activities including its convention that would have been held late last month.

In the main, the three judges would be required to review the proceedings at the High Court to determine whether Justice Babatunde was right in law to refuse the injunction sought by the plaintiffs and to further rule in favor of the party that the elections held in 39 constituencies whose results the plaintiffs dispute were properly conducted by the party’s national executive.

Meanwhile, SLPP supporters have expressed frustration over the case, stating that it delays the election of their flag bearer.

It could be recalled that the plaintiffs are represented by former SLPP Secretary General Lawyer Sulaiman Bajan Tejan Sie, Lawyer Alhaji Kamara. The respondents are Lawyers Umaru Napoleon Koroma, Hindolo Gaivao, Easmon Ngakui and Dr. Bukei Jabbi.

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