Journalist and Rights Activist Abdul Karim (Fonti) Kabia has made a passionate appeal to the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to consider the option of engaging the youths directly.

This happened in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the 15th and 16th of May 2017 at the first annual youth summit organised on the sidelines of the 42nd Annual General Meeting of the Islamic Development Bank.

Fonti expressed concerns over missing funds meant for youth empowerment and growth. "It is sad that funds meant to empower young people continue to fall in the wrong hands while the beneficiaries continue to languish," he stated, adding that the time to engage directly with the youth is now or never.

He suggested that the Bank sets up a 'youth community' that would be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that aid meant for the youth reach and benefit them. He called on IDB to intensify support for young people through the provision of scholarships and leadership trainings, in addition to providing start-up funds for young entrepreneurs.

The young journalist also made a case for a review of what he referred to as outdated educational curriculum that is not useful to modern market trends.

He also advocated for the introduction of alternative means of education including mass media methods of teaching and learning.

Fonti is also not happy over the fact that all students in Sierra Leone are left with the only choice of going through one examination body from primary on to the university. "We need to diversify education, especially at a time like this when the only examination body in the country WAEC, is marred by corruption and its attendant consequences," he disclosed.

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