The Parliament of Sierra Leone has on Thursday 08th June 2017 debated and passed into law the Bill entitled “The Guma Valley Water Company Act, 2017” with some amendments.

Prior to passage into law, the Minister of Water Resources, Momodu Maligie said among other things that the “Bill is seeking to provide for the continuance in existence of the Guma Valley Water Company for the sustainable supply of water, both for public and private purposes”.

The Act was amended in consonance with the recommendations of the House’s Legislative Committee that was charged with the responsibility of examining the Bill in-depth, with the aim of ascertaining constitutional and legal implications that are contained therein.

Some of the amendments are cognizant of existing laws, including the amendment on section 61 of this Act which provides that regulations be made without consultations with the Minister. That the Minister should be responsible at policy level, and that rules, orders, or regulations should remain within administrative competence without any form of interference. And some of the offences in the Bill include damage to water works, unlawful alterations of pipes, fraudulent measurements, trespass, and bathing or washing around the water works.

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