Join 4 Betteh Salone (J4BS) is presently taking part in the Heal Salone Education Trade Fair at the Miatta Conference Hall.


J4BS established an outreach booth to talk about John Sisay's educational plans for a Betteh Sierra Leone. The Education Trade Fair will last for one month.

According to J4BS Director of Communications, Sylvester Suaray, the booth is established to give parents and students the opportunity to ask questions and where necessary make additional input on how they envisage the educational sector under a Sisay presidency.

“Education is number one out of our eight policy areas so we are giving Sierra Leoneans at every level the opportunity to ask questions on how we intend to improve on the education sector in Sierra Leone. "Suaray stated.
In the Betteh Education for all section of the Join 4 BettehSalone Manifesto, Mr. Sisay stated, "I will pioneer the use of new technology to revolutionize access to education, especially in remote communities. We will pilot deploying technology driven flat pack classrooms in up to 100 communities and will experiment with a range of other simple technology-enabled approaches such as learning through use pre-loaded tablets with learning materials for schools. "

John Sisay also promises to have 10,000 high quality train teachers, give remote communities access to schooling and provide incentives that will ensure families keep children in school.

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