The flustered ruling All Peoples Congress and the embattled main opposition Sierra Leone peoples party which had ruled the country since 1961, except for the civil war years, cannot say they are smug and unmoved by the new unforeseen developments taking place on the country’s political landscape that certainly threatens to shake their political hegemony of the state.

Our investigation reveals that, Tuesday’s announcement of the formation of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) by Dr. Yumkella and a battery of disgruntled SLPP “Alagbas” with the express purpose of giving the APC and the SLPP a good run for their monies in the March 7th 2018 elections could be a big game changer in the country’s political history.

With a disenchanted APC rule nation looking out for clean non-corrupt politicians with love for the poor to entrust state powers to, the coalition stands a big chance in the 2018 elections because it is coming up with a new generation of politicians blended in with some of the old politicians with unsoiled reputations for integrity.

This reality, our investigation uncovered, is now lost in both parties which are reported to have become jittery at the apparent formidable posture of the new political formation that has as its cover brigade ADP’s Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, PMDC’s Charles Margai and hundreds of officers and foot soldiers that have defected from the SLPP.

 With many more soldiers expected to join the ranks of the coalition from the grassroots who believe that both APC and SLPP are no longer healthy for the country’s politics. Our investigation further disclosed that, many disgruntled SLPP and APC supporters who feel betrayed are waiting to declare for the grand coalition.

Political pundits have stated that, with the coalition having over the past two years done its groundwork well and succeeded in attracting attention and supporters from all corners of the country that are yearning for meaningful change that will impact positively on the lives of all citizens, it must not be underestimated.

“The coalition comes at the right time,” one analyst at one of the popular Ataya bases in the city opined, adding that, the time is ripe for peaceful political change, citing that relentless inflation, the unnecessary toll road, the Hajj-gate, the Auditor General’s damning audit reports, the observations of the Finance ministry that MDAs are non-compliant in handling transparently and accountably the nation’s meager finance all add up to a poor score card for the ruling APC government.

“SLPP is no credible alternative to the ruling APC,” another analysts has said, pointing out that, instead of focusing seriously on the opposition’s duty of keeping the ruling party in check, they are busy fighting and tearing themselves apart over who should lead the party.

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