Despite President Koroma’s relentless strides and commitment in ensuring every child throughout the nook and cranny of the Sierra Leone has access to quality education, this feat is being sabotaged by school authorities who have turned education into a money making scheme.

Investigation conducted by this medium revealed that majority of principals in both government and government assisted schools are charging over one million Leones for admission of pupils into junior secondary school, even if successful NPSE candidates scored the government stated mark.

This ugly development in school principals charging inflated amount for interview has been blamed on Government through the Ministry of Education, Science and

Technology that failed to set the agenda for admission into JSS and SSS level.
Findings indicate that school authorities are making themselves rich through admissions of pupils at the detriment of poor parents and guardians, while, government continues to treat such unpatriotic and vicious act that has the proclivity to destroy education within impunity amid the present economic hardship in the country.

It could be recalled that, there were no extra charges or school charges on admission when pupils scored the required pass mark to move to JSS or SSS level in the past, but it seems that interviews for admission is another way school authorities are getting rich without government putting stringent measures in place to arrest the disgusting situation.

Parents averred that if this trend of massive exploitation by school authorities continues in this economic hardship in the country, those who could not afford millions of Leones to bribe or pay for their child or ward might end up becoming dropouts.

Hence, parents and guardians are calling on the Minister of Education, Dr. Minkailu Bah to investigate the colossal admission fees being levied by principals and rationalize the process because failure to do so will lead to sharp rise in dropouts.

Similarly, they are also calling on the Anti Corruption Commission and the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Education to immediately mount an investigation into this blatant and fleecing corrupt act by these principals and ensure that those found culpable face the full penalty of the law.

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