Writing to FIFA as Chairman of the Sierra Leone Football Association Stakeholders Consultative Forum, Alhaji Unisa Alim Sesay, has taken exception to the patronizing tone of FIFA's letter with regards corruption allegations against SLFA President, Isha Johansen, and two SLFA officials.

Alhaji Sesay's letter reminds the FIFA Secretary General, Ms Fatma Samoura, of the damage corruption and other related malfeasance has caused football globally and the need for accountability and transparency.

In his congratulatory letter to Ms Fatma Samoura, Alhaji Sesay said they urged the FIFA Secretary General to help address the significant challenges faced by SLFA, which her predecessors failed to do.

Alhaji Sesay calls on FIFA not to interfere directly or indirectly in the corruption investigation of SLFA, saying SLFA stakeholders support the country's Anti Corruption Commission investigation.

FIFA had in its letter to the ACC asked the anti-graft body not to interfere in SLFA; that FIFA had conducted an audit this year and did not find SLFA wanting.
Alhaji Sesay explains to the FIFA Secretary General that the FIFA Financial Assistance Program Regulations and Administrative Guidelines dated 13th November2013 set out the conditions under which associations can access FIFA development programs and funds.

None of the conditions outlined, he writes, have been met by the Isha Johansen executive. Yet they continue to receive and expend resources on behalf of SLFA without complying with FIFA standards or oversight from the Congress.

In light of this, Alhaji Sesay and SLFA stakeholders assert that the law and related processes should be allowed to take their natural course.

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